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Secrets of Fake Drs Note Exposed

For learning the secrets of fake drs note, you are expected to understand your employer’s psychology. This helps you in planning your strategy dynamically and frequently. Your first task is to find his emotional and sentimental keys. They help you in streamlining your need for missing work with his expectations of work completion. There is a particular class of employer who wants all his staff to be in front of his eyes during working hours, 5 days a week. This is regardless of the fact that genuine work exists or not. He is a compulsive boss.

fake drs note
There is another type of work oriented boss who insists on employees being in the office during project execution hours. he may even ask you to stay overnight and complete the projects within deadlines. If there is no genuine work, he may not even bother to observe the attendance sheets. There could many other types of bosses also.

Boss and the Fake Drs Note

  • If your boss is compulsive in nature, you need to be impulsive in nature. Complete your targets well within the deadline and take time out to chat with your boss frequently. During your chat you need to convince him about a simple fact. Always being present in the office doesn’t really mean productivity. This can be done as a team also. Initially your boss may not listen to what you are saying. But he will eventually listen with time. once you are able to convince him, using the fake drs note during normal working days won’t be a problem at all.
  • If your boss is work oriented, you don’t need to convince him at all. The only rule you need to follow is complete the projects within the deadline.
  • For the other types of bosses you need to analyze their behavioral and communication patterns in depth. This effort certainly takes time and requires patience on your part. But if you keep trying consistently you will be able to understand them very soon. Then you can plan the strategy for fake drs note accordingly. The need to create the impression that you are perfectionist in your work is a critical factor. This can keep you safe from getting into any troubles due to suspicion. This is in fact the biggest of the hurdles you can think of. once this is achieved, you can miss work peacefully with the help of fake drs note.

Secret of Fake Doctor Notes for School

fake doctor notes for schoolYou need to apply more or less the same set of psychological practices to fake doctor notes for school. Here you need to understand the psychology of your teachers and the principal. / head master.

  • Play the role of a good student when you are in school. Complete your assignments and homework well within the deadlines.
  • More than anything you must win the trust of your teacher. This is one factor which can give you the ultimate freedom to fake doctor notes for school without invoking any kind of suspicion.

HVAC Repair – Work out Your better Deal

The quantity of AC repair New Port Richey FL, the location I live in, as in many cities across the region, is very disproportionate to the actual need for heat and cooling. Although New Port Richey FL has three to four months of hot summer temperatures, rarely will it climb in the middle of to upper nineties for any measurable amount of time.Ac repair new port richey fl

And, as considerably as winters go… there were a picnic and enjoyed seventy degree weather the next day Holiday! It can get chilly but it does not often get caught in the adolescents or single digits with the average winter temperature range around 46 degrees.

Right now there is a need for heating and air health in the New Port Richey FL area but nothing extreme or reason to have several hundred heating and cooling companies all heading after the same customers. So, why are there so many of them if the next thunderstorm is not extreme and provide out weighs about demand with a long shot?

Well, I avoid have a definitive answer for you but if you will find yourself in need of warming or air conditioning repair you can help use these numbers to your profit!

These guys basically deprive 6 months out of the year during the slight spring and fall a few months but try and “make up” for it in the busy season. While I mentioned though, there is not enough work to serve even in the busy times and knowing this allows you to negotiate pricing… yes, you CAN negotiate the price.

At the time you place a service call the business charges a diagnostic or trip payment to cover the price tag on arriving to your home and they are just circumventing even at this point so they do not want to avoid a repair. You can use this to negotiate the price for the repair. Believe me, there is also a great deal of room for discussion because most companies make an effort to maximize every call they can get their hands on.

So, don’t decide for their first price. Most likely the service technician will look at you with a mixed up look on his face and tell you they don’t negotiate price. This kind of is usually true as most companies do not allow the service specialist to lower a cost. On the other hand, if you call the office someone will definitely talk with you and will likely lower the price tag on the repair towards your business.Ac repair new port richey fl

It is really worth a try, especially on an expensive repair. Make sure you remember, most heating and air conditioning repair companies offer maintenance agreements where they give these “special” customers 10-25% off of repairs so there is room to lower their price, and you avoid have to sign up to one of those contracts to get it either! Before restoring your air conditioner, the main thing that you must do is to search for a reliable AC repair New Port Richey FL.

How Much Does In Home Health Care Cost Practically

Often people complain of the high costs associated with home health care when compared to assisted living at the old age.  If a proper calculation is done on how much does in home health care cost then it would surprise many on the options available to the average person that could offset the cost substantially and in many cases cover the costs entirely.  It could be that at a number of instances, there might need to apply more than a single program on to a certain situation to arrive at this cost savings.how much does in home health care cost

Using health insurance in practice

It is the most common offering for the better insurance providers to prescribe a certain upper age limit to people wanting to join a health insurance program.  Thus it helps for most people to enroll themselves in a good health insurance while in the relative youth as it could reduce drastically the premium requirements that needs to be paid.

It is the practice for a good number of employers to offer some form of health insurance to the employees and their dependants.  This could serve the need at a time that a person in working.  Here a good thought must be paid to a situation when the employee is past retirement and hence can find themselves without any sort of health coverage all of a sudden.

With most established players that offer a health insurance, they would refrain from covering a person past the retirement or that the premiums charged could be exorbitantly high.  And it is thus a good and thoughtful practice to get into a program well in the years of being in employment so as to be in the contention of the best in home health care provider.

How much does in home health care cost with Medicaid

The program called Medicaid is a convenient way to offset an expensive treatment program that in home treatment turns out to be as compared to assisted living.  The prime focus of the plan is on people that do not have any other supportive aids to get them through a difficult time.  What is important is that there needs to be established the fact that the invalid is truly without any other forms of assistance and particularly medical insurance.

If followed diligently, it would not prove much of a problem for most people that truly are in need of Medicaid to be left without succor.

Non-profit organizations

Most countries have a fair share of non-profit organizations that operate in the realm of health care particularly that of old age assistance. There are of course the various interest groups that serve the interests of people in that particular group but it would be comforting to know that there are a number of groups and individuals that simply do not have any parochial interests to serve or with such an outlook.how much does in home health care cost

Thus someone that is truly deserving in need is never left to the mercy of disease or illness or even assisted living alternatives and can find succor no matter the financial condition.

Expert Advice On How To Clean Up Blood From Carpet

There are some instances when it would be required to clean up blood and other gore from carpets and it is best left to the experts in the field of cleaning services to decide on how to clean up blood from carpet that are in use every day.  One of the most common applications of this type of service is in the homicide industry that would need such experts to clean up a scene of crime to make it suited to normal life as soon as the investigators are through with the place. How to clean up blood from carpet

Why the technique counts on how to clean up blood from carpet

In life there are always situations when a better knowhow can make a big difference to the service being on offer.  Here in cleaning up blood from carpets the need to think ahead and to use the best possible solution to a situation is of prime importance each time.  So much so that people with the right expertise are in high demand not just to remove blood from the carpets but to offer an entire range of services to the homicide clean up industry.

            Specialized solvents: One of the main characteristics of blood is in its ability to coagulate when in contact with air.  This is in fact a life saving property that keeps wounded people in good condition till a more professional help arrives in the scene.  At times this very property can make removal of blood from carpets a very difficult task.  It is possible with the use of specialized solvents to remove any blood stain however stubborn to be completely from carpets without any sort of damage.

These solvents act on the very base of blood that is albumin which is the most part of blood by volume. The most damning stains are thus removed and the carpets left as good as new with this treatment by the blood clean up companies.  It must be pointed out that there are different types of solvents some more expensive than others.  The better solvents can completely remove any blood stain without leaving behind the tiniest of traces.  Often a trade off need to be made on the quality of solvents and the need to have a clean carpet and it is the more expensive carpets that get to be treated with the most expensive of the solvents. How to clean up blood from carpet

            Water treatment: It has been noticed that water is effective in the removal of blood stains from the carpets to a fair extent.  Often fresh stains can be removed by rubbing with a damp cloth and it is usually when the stain gets to be on the carpet for a longer time that it gets to be stubborn as well.  The usual strong point of using water is that it does not cost anything and with the waterproof types of carpets it is indeed a viable solution as long as it is attempted soon after a stain is formed.  The longer the stain gets to be on the carpet, the tougher it is for it to be removed by using water it would need a more powerful handling.

How It Is To Have Luxury In Cheap

The Kelowna Family Photographer, Eric Draht has the privilege of living in Okanagan Valley. His pictures are a constant reminder of how blessed Okanagan is with photograph worthy locations. It has a beautiful scenic beauty. Sleds, parks, sprinklers, farmhouses are some of the highlights worth mentioning. The photographer takes a keen interest in all his projects. He aims at making his photos irreplaceable. Starting from candid shots to formal clicks, he does it all with precision. Eric Draht offers a variety of options to choose from. Some of which are portraits, weddings, maternity pictures, grad shoots, family photos, et cetera. The one-hour session is the best one to opt for. Eric is careful with his locations and puts a lot of work into setting up the photo-shoot. The whole thing is an adventure itself.Kelowna Family Photographer

The Packages to Preserve Memories for Eternity

Eric Draht, the Kelowna Family Photographer provides his clients with the best experience in the minimum expense. His packages are categorized under Wedding and Family Sessions. There are a number of options to choose from. Collect all the information with extreme scrutiny to secure the best deal for your preference.

  • Wedding Packages

The wedding packages are divided into four categories in accordance to their costs. The packages contain the most suitable deals in the amount of money you spend.

  • Bronze Package:

The Bronze Package gets you session of three to five hours.

COST: $2250

  • Silver Package:

The Silver Package books an entire day with the Kelowna Family Photographer.

COST: $2750

  • Gold Package:

The Gold Package packs an entire day of memory-making.

COST: $3250

  • Platinum Package:

The Platinum Package books a day’s session including travel expenses.

COST: $7500

  • Family Packages:

Eric Draht is a Kelowna Family Photographer who excels at intimate and serene photography. His family package comes in a range of choices. There are four options to choose from. So go through the list carefully and pick the one for yourself and your family.

  • Mini Session:

This is the cheapest of all the sessions offered. This session lasts for 10 to 20 minutes on a location.

COST: $200

  • Portrait And Grad Package:

This package books a session of 15 to 30 minutes. The shoot takes place on a specific location or in the studio.

COST: $225

  • Standard Session:

This is the most suitable session for family or group photos. Other than that, a standard session is perfect for portrait sessions. This session offers 30 to 45 minutes.

COST: $350

  • Full Session:

A full session is for one to two hours which is perfect for maternity and engagement shoots.

COST: $500Kelowna Family Photographer

  • Contact Details:


Phone: (250) 550 – 6077

Address: Vernon, BC V1T6S3

With a wide range of choices, the Kelowna Family Photographer, Eric Draht offers the most experienced service there is. All the hard work is put into making the photographs glisten with memories in a unique way. The photographs will define you in your purest form in a considerable amount.

Dentists In Marlton

Dentists In Marlton; Make A Correct Decision

Who does not aware of the importance of hygiene? Everyone knows that it is essential to keep yourself fit and healthy if you want to grow in life. But have you ever thought that your oral health is also very important? Do you know that there is a connection between your oral health and the body? Well, I am afraid to say yes because the oral health can affect your body. If you do not take care of your mouth, then there are the chances to get other diseases as well. So consult the best Dentists In Marlton to take care of your oral health.


I know the true value of a beautiful smile because I did not have it. I had a problem with my front teeth, and it caused me troubles all the time. When I was in school my classmates used to laugh at me. They used to say that I look like a rabbit. I was good in studies, but every time I lost my confidence whenever I had to speak in front of my class. Due to my big teeth, I was unable to talk to people confidently. But one day I realized it is not the life I wanted. Instead of considering myself a victim I should consult a dental expert to get the solution to my problem. Then I started searching Dentists In Marlton. And now I am a confident person and have a beautiful smile.

Questions To Be Asked:

If you are looking for a dental expert ask the following questions to him:

  • From which institution he has got his education and dental training?
  • How long has he been in the dental profession?
  • What is his proper qualification?
  • Is he a doctor of dental surgery or a doctor of dental medicine?
  • What type of anesthesia do they offer?
  • Are they certified to use anesthesia?
  • What kinds of options are available in the process?
  • What insurance companies do they accept?
  • Whether they offer services for kids as well or not?
  • What emergency care services they provide?
  • Do they provide information about previous client’s cases?
  • Do they have before and after treatment pictures of previous clients?

After getting the answers to above questions, they need to ask themselves that whether they are friendly or not. It is true that you are not going to a dental clinic to make friends, but if the staff is not cooperative or friendly, you cannot get the solution to your problem. You should also think that whether the clinic you have chosen is near your place or not. If it is not then it would be difficult for you to visit the clinic.

One important thing you should check that whether they use the gloves and sterilized equipment or not. Check the environment of the clinic if it is according to the standards then make the final decision. Otherwise look for some other dental clinic.

Know About Some Services Provided by Bondi Beach Dentist

Services Provided:

Laughing gas or happy gas:

The happy gas safely relaxes the patient during dental treatment. Laughing gas mixed with oxygen is inhaled through a small mask over the nose. Laughing gas does not sedate the person but keeps the patient comfortable. Bondi Beach dentist use only nitrous oxide system available in Australia. Benefits of nitrous oxide include pain killing properties with no injection. Since there is no side effect, the nitrous oxide can be safely used in children and adults alike. The nitrous oxide leaves the body within 3 to 5 minutes after the gas supply is stopped.  There are a few disadvantages. This technique cannot be used for those who do not breathe with their nose.Bondi Beach dentist

Emergency Dental Service:

There are times when people get pain or have injuries due to accidents. Always consult the Bondi Beach dentist who takes care of every patient on an individual basis. Common issues include knocked out tooth during any accident. It should be immediately reinserted and preserved by a dentist. Lose tooth is where there is possibility of holding the tooth down till you find the dentistry treatment in order to stabilise the tooth. Chipped teeth are of two types. First type causes a lot of pain while the second type causes no pain at all. It is a good idea to check with the dentist as soon as possible. Abscess initially looks like it would cause no harm but, the infection spreads and damages the tissue around the root of the tooth.

Kids Dentistry:

Bondi Beach dentist wants children to enjoy their dental visits so they make the duration short and entertaining.The dental clinic diagnoses early for any facial growth abnormalities or airway obstruction problems. The dentists provide early and least interruption while the children are young for any facial correction.

Oral appliances (Bruxism and sports):

People who grind cause their teeth to facial muscle pain. In addition, there might be excessive wear, cracks and fracture of the teeth. Bondi Beach dentist offer custom-designed treatments. During sports, it is common to encounter dental traumatic experience. There may be damages resulting to the teeth, gums and jawbone. The ADA and Sports Medicine Australia recommends every person to use customized mouth-guard fitted by the dentists.

Dental Implants:

Any patient of any age might lose one or more teeth due to injury, infection, illness or decay. Bondi Beach dentist implants the tooth so that the jawbone is protected from deterioration or loss of strength. The most significance of implanting the tooth is that it can be utilised as the natural teeth. The clinic uses a digital, computer guided implant system to enable a precise positioning during implantation.Bondi Beach dentist

Root canal treatment:

Root canal treatment or Endodontics, a branch of dentistry, cures infection of tooth root diseases that surrounds the tissue and the dental pulp. Modern technologies have enabled dentists to make the treatment more comfortable and fewer trips to the dentistry clinic. This root canal treatment is essential when there is bacterial infection at the dental root pulp. If procrastinated, one would lose the tooth and the bacteria would spread all over the other teeth.


It Works Wraps

Our Society’s preoccupation with weight diminishing has incited the ascending of some vivacious settle things and techniques to get alive and well. One of these is it works body wraps, which is touted by a few spas as a methodology for record-breaking getting alive and well that it works wrap. The body wrap should weight diminishing utilizing plastic wrap dunked as a part of a trademark substance. This causes sweating, which should detoxify your body and help you get more fit. Sweating a lot of can prompt nonappearance of hydration which is perilous as the sweat does not dry, yet rather stays focused body, raising body temperature perhaps to risky levels.


It works wraps that Profuse sweating in like way prompts changes in blood science, lessening blood volume and sending less oxygen to the phones may achieve deliriousness, perplexity, and stupor like state and despite passing can happen as an eventual outcome of over the top liquid episode. On the off chance that you are having a body wrap at a spa, your professional may not be met all necessities to manage any of these responses. The threats of wrapping your stomach in plastic are not obliged to sweating alone. Stick wrap utilized for wrapping the stomach is conveyed using Polyvinyl chloride, which has been depicted as a champion amongst the most risky client things. It works wraps that it channels unsafe substances which have been connected with negative results for the liver, spleen, kidneys, and bone game-plan and body weight. PVC is in addition connected with tumor. Two or three wraps are dunked in mineral things, some of which may contain aluminum, which is connected with Alzheimer’s. In like way, you might be oversensitive to a package of the fixings utilized as a part of the wrap.


Plastic wraps don’t help you see the fat. All you lose is water weight, which returns right when you rehydrate your body.

body wrpas it works products suggests several affiliations that perform body wraps bear witness to that you can have upwards of four a day, others guarantee that once consistently is fine. Costs shift; regardless, the regular cost of a body wrap in the spa is $159, and you require no shy of what one treatment for reliably. In the event that you do it at home, there are packs that cost from $90 to $500.

An extensive number people who report fulfillment with the deferred outcomes of the body wrap likewise continue to say that they eat a sensible eating regimen and work out four or five times each week. Thusly, on the off chance that it is basic to eating regimen and activity recollecting the genuine target to accomplish your weight diminish goals, it work wraps why not spend that cash on a practice center enrollment, which will ensure happens, and keep away from the perils that begin from having destructive plastic substances enter your skin and stream structure? On the off chance that you are diabetic, experience the detestable effects of hypertension, are pregnant or have any medicinal condition, prompt your star before utilizing any sort of body wrap. You should leave the wrap on for a 45 minutes to a most outrageous of 8 hours, and a brief timeframe later. Other than this, the outcomes are alterable for more than 72 hours. I read said that she exited it on for around 45 min showered measured herself saw nothing and from there on continued here to give a sham rating of a stunning thing.

Services On Offer By The Typical Tow Truck San Antonio Operator

It is not as though the tow industry is stagnant in its being and only offer to tow away a stricken vehicle.  There are a number of common services that most tow truck San Antonio provides the customers that vary and differ in difficulty and expertise.  At time it is the tow truck drive that provides a more suited solution to a problem that someone is having with the vehicle and brings to a conclusion successfully the situation.  At the end of the day it is just important that the car or vehicle is back on the road in quick time and if the tow truck driver could well help out why grudge him his due. 24 hour tow truck San Antonio

Simple services on offer by most tow truck San Antonio

            Flat tires: One of the most common reasons that a tow is requested is when a flat tire occurs on a car or a vehicle.  It could be that the spare is not serviceable or that like with most women drivers they just need a hand to get the car to the nearest workshop.  There are a number of tow truck drivers that would be glad to help out by replacing the flat tire with the spare in case the spare is in a good condition.

Often with the case of the new types of tires found on modern cars and vehicles it is not so simple to attempt a repair on them.  In such cases it is best that someone in the know handle the matter and a tow truck driver could well be the very first person with the right know how to be at the scene of the broken down car.

            Empty gas tank: This is a common scenario on those long winding roads that sort of lead nowhere.  Most drivers deeply engrossed in the drive would at times miss out on a filling point.  This happens even with the latest cars and vehicles that are equipped with the most up to date warning systems and stuff.

This could be a probable reason that a seasoned tow truck driver keeps a few gallons of petrol at the back of the tow truck in a carry can.  Thus it would be a very convenient way to make a refill to the vehicle in question. 24 hour tow truck San Antonio

            Dead batteries: People often consider a vehicle battery being something that is meant to last a life time.  Far from it, most batteries typically last a short time in their peak condition and it is the wise car owner that replaces the battery at regular intervals no matter how well used it might turn out to be.  The simplest solution to a dead battery is to give the vehicle a tow to the nearest garage where the battery can be given a quick boost to get the vehicle moving till the nearest town or city that the car is headed for.  Most tow truck drivers are capable of assessing the exact condition of a battery and give a fair enough assessment as to the best further course of action to take.

Nicotine e-juice Australia| Seize the precise choice by desiring e-cig

Electronic cigarettes use a liquid for heating and produces vapors which usually the people inhale. Since these E-cigars outputs the vapors, the nomenclature come into existence as vaping. Unlike natural cigars, all e-liquids contain no nicotine and there are many flavours available. These are novel and emerging products which deliver nicotine, the additive substance of tobacco but with very less chemicals despite the standard cigarette smoke. Fewer health risks are posed to smokers if switched to electronic cigars rather than normal tobacco smoking.nicotine ejuice australia

Why a smoker should prefer Vaping?

The most avoidable health risk factor is Smoking for many Cardiac and pulmonary diseases which cause approximately one billion deaths during 21st Century. To overcome this problem, E-cigarettes came into existence and were marketed in the present era which seems to be the safer habit saving many people across the world.  Almost 40% of deaths include coronary diseases only in smokers. A study to determine the effects of electronic cigars in comparison with the normal tobacco cigars has been done. The research revealed that smoking is producing significant defects in the functioning of heart where as the usage of electronic cigars showed no adverse effects on heart functioning.

Heart disease is the main cause of death associated with smoking. Comparative studies on the effects of a standard cigarette and an electronic cigarette led to significant heart dysfunction with the former and no harmful effects with the latter. Hence, at the outset, Electronic cigarettes do not damage the heart. One of the most important sayings is that E-cigar is the only revolution in tobacco harm reduction with potentiality. This is the only product that deals with the chemical and psychological addiction to smoking. E-cigars which make use of nicotine e-juice australia are less toxic and can be treated as the best practice to quit smoking.

The surveys also found that the electronic cigar devices are more effective rather than nicotine patches and gums. Business is in demand for the device, as it is available with a wide range of flavours from our specialist e-cigarette team. The chain smokers can exit their traditional smoking after shifting to the electronic substitute from the conventional cigarettes. Major percent of people and even women attained willpower to quit traditional smoking because of tnicotine ejuice australiahese e-cigars.

E-Cigarettes could be a powerful tool helping smokers to reduce tobacco smoking. Recent survey among people of Australia also showed that e-cigars helped them a lot to kick off tobacco smoking that too with a lot of available fruit and vegetable flavours.

Easy Access:

E-cigs are promising products for many people which enable them to quit successfully the traditional smoking. Besides, they have more advantages, flavours, less health risks compared to the normal conventional smoking. An e-cig basically contains an atomizer, battery and nicotine e-liquid with varied added flavors.

To purchase vaping products with nicotine, you must order them from outside the country and have them imported. The law in Australia states that it is legal to import a 3 month supply of e-liquid nicotine for personal use. There is no prohibition on importing vapourisers, e-cigarettes or e-cigars into Australia and hence ordering and getting of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids online in Australia is very easy and simple.

How Gainswave Looks To Be Different

The serious issue that is erectile dysfunction posses to people that are afflicted by it proves that a good and satisfying night need not just belong to the youngsters alone but to the young at heart as well.  Gainswave looks to a different approach to tackling this issue from an external point of view than an internal or invasive form of treatment.  The prevalent practice to consider a sexual problem as one of approach than a follow through is what sets apart the treatment form.gainswave

The very basic action of muscle stimulation

It is known that muscle react to electrical impulses from the brain, the controlling center of the body to move and to cause any sort of contraction.  By sending different types of impulses it is possible for the brain to decide how much of a contraction or relaxation is to be had at the muscle end.  In most cases, the seats of application of the signals are the muscle heads or the area of the muscle that is attached to the bones.

Thus it is quite natural to be able to control the intensity and duration of a contraction by varying the type and characteristic of the given impulse.  It was soon noticed that the muscle could be stimulated by any external signal that could mimic the way the brain would send signals and it thus was not just a prerogative of the brain alone to control the muscle.

The second fact is that a harder a workout a more strongly a muscle or group of muscle came to perform.  Thus during long durations of exercise the muscle groups tended to be at a taught state for a far longer time than normal.

Combining the above two observations it soon came to a situation that a good stimulation could be done by applying the electrical impulse of sufficient strength and type.  This did away with the need to spend long hours exercising and enduring physical exercise.

Electrical muscle stimulation which is Gainswave

By applying a proper and right electrical stimulation the muscle group got the equivalent effect of a good work out even without having to perform any exercise at all.  And this is what has been further developed in the technology used in Gainswave.  It is nothing but the external stimulation of the muscle with an electrical signal using probes attached to the muscle head.

The very non invasive technique not just proved effective but brought about a new interest in the role of external stimulation and the muscle rejuvenation.  The further development of the technology to have devices that could fit into the palm of the hand than anything else is what led to the mass adoption of the devices.gainswave

As long as the cat caught the mice and not on its color is what took the application of muscle stimulation to the success levels that is present today.  No doubt, the future could only portend a brighter role for the technology with more advanced applications in store for users.