How It Is To Have Luxury In Cheap

The Kelowna Family Photographer, Eric Draht has the privilege of living in Okanagan Valley. His pictures are a constant reminder of how blessed Okanagan is with photograph worthy locations. It has a beautiful scenic beauty. Sleds, parks, sprinklers, farmhouses are some of the highlights worth mentioning. The photographer takes a keen interest in all his projects. He aims at making his photos irreplaceable. Starting from candid shots to formal clicks, he does it all with precision. Eric Draht offers a variety of options to choose from. Some of which are portraits, weddings, maternity pictures, grad shoots, family photos, et cetera. The one-hour session is the best one to opt for. Eric is careful with his locations and puts a lot of work into setting up the photo-shoot. The whole thing is an adventure itself.Kelowna Family Photographer

The Packages to Preserve Memories for Eternity

Eric Draht, the Kelowna Family Photographer provides his clients with the best experience in the minimum expense. His packages are categorized under Wedding and Family Sessions. There are a number of options to choose from. Collect all the information with extreme scrutiny to secure the best deal for your preference.

  • Wedding Packages

The wedding packages are divided into four categories in accordance to their costs. The packages contain the most suitable deals in the amount of money you spend.

  • Bronze Package:

The Bronze Package gets you session of three to five hours.

COST: $2250

  • Silver Package:

The Silver Package books an entire day with the Kelowna Family Photographer.

COST: $2750

  • Gold Package:

The Gold Package packs an entire day of memory-making.

COST: $3250

  • Platinum Package:

The Platinum Package books a day’s session including travel expenses.

COST: $7500

  • Family Packages:

Eric Draht is a Kelowna Family Photographer who excels at intimate and serene photography. His family package comes in a range of choices. There are four options to choose from. So go through the list carefully and pick the one for yourself and your family.

  • Mini Session:

This is the cheapest of all the sessions offered. This session lasts for 10 to 20 minutes on a location.

COST: $200

  • Portrait And Grad Package:

This package books a session of 15 to 30 minutes. The shoot takes place on a specific location or in the studio.

COST: $225

  • Standard Session:

This is the most suitable session for family or group photos. Other than that, a standard session is perfect for portrait sessions. This session offers 30 to 45 minutes.

COST: $350

  • Full Session:

A full session is for one to two hours which is perfect for maternity and engagement shoots.

COST: $500Kelowna Family Photographer

  • Contact Details:

Phone: (250) 550 – 6077

Address: Vernon, BC V1T6S3

With a wide range of choices, the Kelowna Family Photographer, Eric Draht offers the most experienced service there is. All the hard work is put into making the photographs glisten with memories in a unique way. The photographs will define you in your purest form in a considerable amount.