Jacksonville Window Tint

Jacksonville, in the sunshine state of Florida, is also a sunbathed city. You need to turn on the cooling system for most parts of the year due to humidity and high temperature. During summer the demand for cooling is more. That also brings with it a high cooling cost. There is little you can do to lower the cooling cost except using Jacksonville Window Tint. A window tint is like a coating on the glass that serves a number of purposes. The first and the most obvious purpose are to reduce the entry of heat from outside the house or office. If the temperature of the indoor is low, the requirement of cooling is less. A tint serves this purpose by inhibiting the flow of heat from outside to inside and vice versa. But a tint is not just a coating to inhibit the flow of heat. It can also be used as a decorative piece to enhance the look of the windows and therefore the house. There is a variety of window tints.

Types of Window Tints

Low energy solar films

You can use low energy films to restrict the flow of heat into the rooms of your house. These films don’t permit the high energy ultra to violate rays from the sun to enter the homes. Since these rays pack the most heat content, you can reduce the flow of heat to the indoors significantly. This can reduce the cooling cost of your home significantly.

Opaque films

You can also use a Jacksonville Window Tint  to protect the privacy of your Jacksonville home. Simple glass window does not offer any privacy to households. By installing opaque films on the windows you can restrict the view from outside. However, the films are designed in such a way that you can get a good outside view from inside the room. Along with restricting outside view, these films can also restrict the flow of heat. You can use such dual-purpose window films to restrict heat as well as the view from outside.

Security films

There is a kind of Jacksonville Window Tint which can withstand high impact forces from outside. That is why people call them security films. Manufacturers use two sheets of toughened glass with an inner layer of impact resistant material to design such films. If somebody throws a hard object on the glass pane, the inner layer gets shattered, but shreds of glass don’t scatter in the room. This makes such window tints very useful for security purposes. The impact, in this case, is absorbed by the inner layer.

Decorative films

There is a unique Jacksonville Window Tint which you can use for decorative purposes. You can adorn the windows of your house with these decorative films and bring about a change in the look of your property. But these are not only decorative pieces. They also serve the purpose of obstructing heat flow. So you can use them to decorate the windows as well as to increase thermal insulation for the rooms.