The Popular Electronic juice in Australia

The Australia ejuice  is nothing but a liquid. You can convert to vapour by an electronic cigarette machine. It is also called as nicotine liquid, ecig liquid, nic juice, nicotine juice or at times normal juice. The electronic cigarette machine atomizer comes in contact with electronic liquid. Then heats the electronic liquid until it becomes a vapour. The smoker inhales the vapour. Then exhales out as he would do for a normal cigarette. The battery activates .A small portion of the charge is sent to the atomizer to generate heat. The atomizer coil heats up to a certain temperature .It would be sufficient to cause vaporization of the electronic liquid. The thickness of this liquid varies from product to product.

What is this juice made up of?

Every ordinary man wants to know how this juice forms is. It would not be possible to answer it .Every company has its own recipe. This juice is generally made up of a certain flavour,

Australian electronic juice

There is a lot of conflicting information in and around Australia regarding this juice. The laws differ from state to state in Australia. It is quite a complex issue in the jurisdiction of the country. There have been several laws regarding the juice in the recent past. It is totally illegal to purchase the liquid, juice or an electronic cigarette which contains nicotine. It would be for any personal use from any Australian retailer, (as classified under schedule 7). Using the juice for therapeutic purposes needs the prescription of the chemist or a doctor.

For example for the state Queensland. It would be totally illegal to buy this liquid. Even importing the Australia ejuice is illegal in certain places. If a person imports the juice from any other states or countries he will pay the penalty. Still, if an ordinary man really needs to use the liquid he has to keep in mind few points before purchasing.

1)    As the liquid is a part of the Poison Standard list. The importer should have a prescription from the medical practitioner.

2)    The importing of the liquid is only for a therapeutic purpose. This cannot be put to use by the importer or his family members.

3)    The usage of the liquid should happen within 3 months. There is no extension of the tenure beyond this.

An act was put into within the continent regarding the age restriction to use the Australia ejuice or not. A shopkeeper cannot sell the juice to any children. It would below the age group of 18 years. Even a shopkeeper cannot advertise the product in his shop. Any kind of juice which contains nicotine is illegal. The use of this juice inside public or private transportation is illegal. All the more there are kids around. However, these rules are made for the betterment of the citizens. Inhaling can be more dangerous. Not only digesting any product which contains nicotine.

So stay away from it on all counts.