Agnes and Dora startup kit

Chic designs by Agnes & Dora appeal to every shopohalic woman. In fact, it is not only the designs, but also the adorable prints that you get in these dresses. You also get every kind of dress that you need to wear at different times of the day and occasions. So you can get tops, skirts, leggings, cardigans, dusters, pullovers etc for ladies. You can also get kids wear. Moreover, you can get these dresses in a variety of sizes including S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, XS, XXS etc. So there are attractive designer dresses for both the plus size ones as well as the diminutive figures.Agnes and Dora start up kit not only gives you a wide choice for selecting dresses, but also draws lets you associate with them and earn money. You can become one of their independent representatives and earn handsome money. You can rely on the brand. Since it is widely recognized and loved, you can rest assured that your independent rep will help you earn some money. Once women come to your shop, they would be awestruck by the designs and prints of the dresses. Since the brand also caters to a wide variety of body shapes and sizes, you can rest assured that there is something for everyone. It is a win-win situation for the customer as well as for the rep.

Agnes & Dora independent representative

You can become a independent representative and sell these designer dresses and earn money. But to do that you need to invest some money. You need to get the agnes and dora start up features to start your business. As your sales pick up you can order more products. But for the start you need to order a set that serves your purpose. So what serves your purpose? An assortment of dresses for all hues, shapes, preferences, choices and sizes. Luckily Agnes & Dora lets you chose the pieces. But you need to have an idea about the Agnes and Dora startup kit.

Agnes and Dora startup kit

The kits come in two types – gold and platinum. The ensemble of the platinum kit is obviously more than the ensemble of the gold kit. The gold kit contains about 250 pieces and that includes everything including the dresses, the bags, the business cards etc. The diamond kit contains 350 pieces and that also includes everything. The

difference between the two types of kits is that the platinum kit contains more stuff than the gold kit. Since you have the prerogative to choose the items, you are always likely to start with a higher ensemble of dresses and choices in the platinum kit than the gold kit. However, this is not to say that the gold kit is not worth its price. The gold kit has a lot of utility, and you can use it to start your business. So, although the platinum Agnes and Dora startup kit is the best, you can very well start with the gold .