IT solution to the sexual problem

Sexual solutions market:

In today’s market, a big recommendation is provided just for decreasing the sexual problem of the male. “Erectile dysfunction” is the biggest problem in male, also it is discussing more. Furthermore, it’s a well-known sexual disease, and without proper treatment, it can’t be overcome. If you want to know the best supplement for increasing the testosterone hormones, check this link It’s a fact that majority of us is captured by the problem of medicine addressing.

IT revolution:

As IT is revolutionizing all the business sectors and almost all the problems are getting solved by it. Same is the case with this sexual disease markets. The most common problem faced in such diseases is the shyness of the patient to visit the doctor and consult them. Getting information about this disease from wrong sources increase the problem.

State-of-art application to address the problem:

An application for mobile devices has been introduced by the developers. The senior developer of this application himself suffered from erectile dysfunction. He was quite dissatisfied with all the sources of getting awareness about it. It may cause more diseases. Hence, he came up with this application idea to help the other people suffering from this disease. The application addresses all the stages of the problem.

How does the application work?

The name of the application is “Roman”. It has a soft user-interface display with easily identifiable buttons and other options. The application helps the user in identifying whether he is suffering from the disease or not. Authentic information is used in the application to judge the user about the disease. If the chances of disease are there, then the user is asked to contact the doctor.

Live call with a doctor:

There is an option of talking to the doctor live via this app. There are many doctors available for this application and one can talk to them with a live video. All the doctors are certified medical practitioners hence it is assured that you won’t get wrong information.

How does the diagnostic process work in this application?

There are two stages of a diagnostic procedure followed in this application. Firstly, the application asks questions about the general lifestyle and health of the user. The artificial intelligence algorithm judges the user on the basis of the answer and asks some new questions in the second stage. The questions asked during the second stage are tailored according to the previous answers. They check the user in detail and come up with the diagnosis.

After diagnosis procedure:

If the algorithm diagnoses the disease then the user is asked to select the doctor. The patient selects the doctor and talks to them via live video call. The doctors are trained to talk to the patients in a friendly and personal manner. In this way, patients get easy with them and share all the medical history.

Medicine delivery:

The doctor prescribes the medicine, and this application has links with online marketplaces. The prescribed medicine is selected by the application and you are asked to enter your address to receive it at your doorstep.