Magical and dreamy lashes through eyelash extensions

In need for dreamy and fluttery full lashes? Then the answer to your need is a perfect full set of eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are the biggest hype these days. It is an amazing dupe to false lashes and applying thick coats of mascara. It is almost every woman’s dream to have a great pair of thick lashes but unfortunately most are not so blessed in that aspect. But the modern beauty technology has come up with an answer to it that is lash extensions. Every beauty guru and celebrities and completely up for it and so can you.

full set of eyelash extensions

If you are tired of applying heavy coats of expensive mascaras or are you facing the regular trouble of applying false lashes with immense amount of lash glue. In return this is eventually tearing your lashes while taking it off, therefore no longer to worry as you can use lash extensions to make the work easier. It is an amazing way to replace all these troubles with a full set of eyelash extensions. You will be able to get the most unreal and perfect eyelashes without the need of any hustle.

Everything you need to know about a full set of eyelash extensions

There is definitely a great scope of risk attached to process of applying eyelash extensions. If you are in much need then the main advice would be that you ensure a proper research on the whole procedure from beforehand. Taking precautions mentally and physically is extremely essential. This is only because eyes are the most sensitive organs of our body and the eyelashes execute a very important role in protecting the eyes from external particles. They act as a curtain to the eyes. You will have to make sure that you do not go into such a process which can irritate your eyes.

The amount of time it takes to get a full set of lash extensions

It will take a complete of 2 hours to complete the process of lash extensions. It is a very delicate process; therefore the specialists will have to make sure that there is no issue during the application. The height of each lash extends from 6mm to 8mm and they are attached to your eyelids individually. They will use a specific kind of adhesive which will keep your extensions in place and will last up to almost a year. The specialist will first consult the glue with you so as to see if you are experiencing any kind of irritation or not. On the basis of which there are different types of lash glues and are applied as per suitable for you.

Different kinds of lashes

If you are opting for a pair of full set of eyelashes then you need to have knowledge on the different styles of lashes available for extensions. There are three kinds namely, synthetic, mink, natural. You can choose the kind of lashes you want and go for the procedure. Within two hours of time you will get a pair of dreamy and fluttery lashes.