How to get the best ranking in 2018?

It is the wish of every businessman that his website or page get the best ranking on Google. But unfortunately, sometimes some websites are penalized by Google in this case the owner of that particular website has to face a huge and permanent sort of loss. That is why avoiding Google penalties is very essential. Here we are going to discuss that what are the major causes due to which a website can be penalized by Google?

  • Poor quality content
  • Over use of keywords
  • Excessive ads
  • Spam links
  • High bounce rate


If your website contains duplicated content copied from other sources than Google penalties are caused. Your stuff should be unique and readable. Another major cause due to which your website may be penalized is excessive use of keywords. Using same keywords, again and again, makes your blogs and articles look unnatural. Thirdly if there are many advertisements on your website which hide the useful stuff and readable contents than you will surely have to face Google penalty. To make your website spam frees it’s better to turn off your blog comments or check them before they are displayed. Fourthly, high bounce rate will reduce the traffic on your website ultimately causing Google penalty.


How website become popular?

Now if you want your website or page to get the best ranking in 2018 than it is quite essential to advertise it well. Marketing the basic tool to make something popular here are some tips by following which you can get best digital marketing tactics:

  • Content marketing
  • Native advertisement
  • Social media marketing
  • Immersive marketing
  • More live videos


These are the top marketing trends of 2018. Content marketing is although expensive but getting popularity this year and many people are responding to it positively. The native advertisement is the old rather effective method by which you can improve your website’s ranking by many folds. Social media marketing is the most effective and inexpensive way to advertise something you can advertise your website or brand through Facebook, Instragram,and twitter by buying active and real followers. Immersive marketing is proved to be very effective in the field of digital marketing. Moreover, live videos enhance the interest of the viewers and are quite helpful to increase your website’s traffic.


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